CD Baby unfair advantage - June 2009
On a warm summer eve, with the windows down and the breeze blowing freely, there’s no better soundtrack for the hot 'n humid season than jazz. Whether you want to chill with some cool, sophisticated tones drifting in the background, feel the heat pounding the pavement with some bouncing bop fury, or dance the night into dawn with some classic swing, the word on the street is that we’ve got the recommendations to set you right.
In This Issue:
Recent Releases from Current Jazz Giants
Steve Haines Quintet with Jimmy Cobb Marek Dykta & John Abercrombie

Steve Haines Quintet with
Jimmy Cobb
Hard Bop
Jimmy Cobb, the sole surviving member of the legendary 1959 Miles Davis Quintet, guests on this exhilarating album that also makes use of the same piano Bill Evans played on the "Kind of Blue" sessions.

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Marek Dykta & John Abercrombie Cradle of Light
Contemporary Jazz
On these eight moving and nuanced duo compositions, Dykta and Abercrombie combine their talents, complementing one another, but also shining as individuals, each with a unique approach to expressive guitar playing.

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The Howland/Imboden Project
The Howland/Imboden Project
The Howland/Imboden Project
Jazz Fusion

This all-instrumental jazz fusion album features stunning performances from a talented roster of musicians whoĆ­ve played with the likes of Chicago, Chick Corea, Don Henley, Stevie Wonder, The Yelowjackets, the Doobie Bros., and Dave Weckl.

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El Grupo Jeff "Tain" Watts Larry Carlton Jaco Pastorius
El Grupo
Jazz Fusion
Jeff "Tain" Watts
Modern Creative Jazz
Larry Carlton
Greatest Hits

Smooth Jazz
Jaco Pastorius
Portrait of Jaco:
The Early Years

Jazz Fusion
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Joachim Schoenecker Trio & Minguet String Quartet
Joachim Schoenecker Trio
& Minguet String Quartet


"Smooth" didn’t used to be a dirty word in the Jazz world. It meant someone was suave, sophisticated-yet-street-smart, confident and cool under pressure. Well, Joachim Schoenecker is one smooth guitarist. His subtle and shimmering tone, both on electric and acoustic guitar, thrills without overwhelming any of the other instruments (bass, drums, and string quartet). The phrasing is delicate and deliberate at the same time. The compositions range from emotionally tender ballads to gritty, lightening-paced bursts of tension, all glued together by tasteful accompaniment from the Minguet String Quartet. Nocturnes is a brilliant, atmospheric statement from one of Jazz music’s rising stars.

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88 Keys. Limitless Possibility.
Popular pianists like Brad Mehldau and Christopher O'Riley have blurred the lines between Jazz, Classical, Rock, and Avant Garde. CD Baby is proud to present the music of three similar artists who don't have time for labels or boundaries, just making good music!
Le Boeuf Brothers
Le Boeuf Brothers
House Without A Door

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Ben Darwish Trio
Ben Darwish Trio
Ode to Consumerism

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Bert Seager
Bert Seager
A Closer Look – KJB

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