Questions for a better bio and story – A companion to Episode 40

In episode 40, publicist Alex Steininger, mentioned that he gives an artist/band a list of questions in order to help draw out story lines and themes. Below are a few of those questions. Take your time and answer each in great detail. When you’re done, there should be some obvious themes and story lines that will make a much more effective bio.

-What is the title of the album?  What does it represent to the whole?
Why did you choose it?

-Can you list each song and tell me about the meaning behind each song?

-How was making this record similar to making your last record?  How was
it different?

-What new experiences did you encounter making this record?

-did you record the exact amount of songs for this record or par it down
from more recordings?

-When you listen to the record, what excites you the most as it’s creator?
What makes you proud to share this with friends and family, and,
ultimately, fans?

-How will fans will react to this album compared to previous albums?

-How do you feel you grew as a songwriter both writing and recording this

-What are your goals with this album?