#202: The indie musician’s place in 2018

What opportunities and challenges lie ahead for independent musicians in 2018, and what lessons can they carry forward from the past year? In this episode, Kevin and Chris do some soul searching, and a little industry analysis, to ask questions about where DIY artists stand right now. Plus, a bunch of great listener calls and emails.

  • Janice Ingerman

    thanks for featuring my question about the Denver Hotbed playlist!
    Here is the link. I’m not sure why it doesn’t show up in the search! I think I’ll be doing a new one every month… Thanks, Kitty Crimes…

  • muttonkennedy

    Hi Kevin and Chris,
    I was excited to hear about the Pandora Premium Access promotion. I tried to do it through my Pandora AMP dashboard but after a lot of messing around realised it wasn’t going to work for me. I emailed Pandora and they replied:

    “Sorry for the trouble. You’re correct that this feature won’t work correctly from outside of the U.S. since you won’t be able to access the links to individual songs. However, feel free to write in and we can get the URL for you to be pasted in to the Call To Action section of the campaign.”

    So because I’m outside the USA I can’t use it unless I manually email them to ask for the public URL of the song. So clunky. Considering a very large percentage of their catalogue is from outside the USA it seems the campaign is already half dead in the water. I can’t imagine non-US based labels or management of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, U2, LED Zepp, AC/DC etc emailing Pandora for their URLs! (Im sure they have a way in, but you get my point.)

    Still loving the podcast after all these years.
    Martin http://www.allindiaradio.com.au

  • kbreuner


    Thanks for the feedback! Bummer that it won’t work outside the USA at the moment.

  • Lee Hooper

    Kitty(Janice?) I enjoyed the discussion surrounding your Denver Hotbed Playlist on the DIY Podcast. I am enjoyning the playlist right now. How would I go about getting some of my music in the playlist? Thanks for your help, Lee…