#214: The truth about Spotify playlists, Pt 2

Let’s get beyond the basics of Spotify playlists. How do you determine which playlists will actually make a difference for your career? How do you find them, hunt down the contact info of the curator (without being a creeper), and make an effective pitch? In this episode, Part 2 of our “Truth About Spotify Playlists” series, Kevin and Chris answer all those questions and more.


    Hi there guys, I had a quick question about the IndieMono service if you’d happen to run into it. When submitting through their website, I noticed you have to follow them which is fine, but then the popup comes up asking a service called ToneDen to connect with your profile and gives this information:

    “ToneDen will be able to receive this Spotify account data.

    Read your publicly available information
    Access your followers and who you are following
    Manage who you are following
    Manage your public playlists
    Manage your private playlists
    Get your email address
    Access your saved tracks and albums
    Manage your saved tracks and albums”

    Any qualms about this? That seems like a lot of access you’re giving this third party company in order to submit to a playlist.