#216: Marketing music with Instagram and Instagram Stories

The way musicians — heck, the way ANYONE uses Instagram today — is very different from how we used it years ago. Whether you’ve been marketing your music on Instagram for years or you’re brand new to the platform and have no idea what “Instagram Stories” even are, this episode will help you get the most engagement (and fun) from your efforts. Plus, Kevin and Chris answer listener calls.

  • There’s one problem: Who has 1:38:xx to spare? Not I, really!

  • James R. Bossiquit Henry

    I often listen to things like this while I’m driving, and some of us drive for 1-2 hours & sometimes more.

    I call it my mobile university!

  • Max Christensen

    Great episode as always guys. I’ve been having a good amount of success with Instagram so here are my experiences and tipps:
    1. Consistency works just as well here as on any other platform. You either kill it with your first impression and people follow you, or you appear enough times on their feed with a positive impression and then they follow you.
    2. Engage with the platform (HONESTLY!!! Don’t spam generic copy&paste comments on various posts. People will notice). The more time you spend on it the better it will be for you, but scrolling through hashtags you like and following people you ACTUALLY care about for 10 min here and there can already go a long way. You often see people with less than 50 posts, 2000 followers and following 5000 people. So engagement does work.
    3. Audition posts via stories first, then save them to archive and repost them as a regular post later (if it did well).
    4. Collect material (quotes, good looking photos, behind the scenes videos etc) to be able to post it in regular intervals. Don’t post 10 photos a day. Nobody will see them and remember them the next day. Post 1 photo a day for 10 days and you’ll have much better chances.
    5. Show yourself, share personal stories, but unless you’re super handsome or beautiful, don’t make it all about you. A feed full of the same face looking into the camera or your lunch gets old. People want to connect on Instagram but they also want to be wowed. Showcase your products, your music, live performances, gear, studio etc.
    6. People LOVE seeing people make music. if you are really good at something, show that! Nobody cares about a pretty picture with some music running. NOBODY! People are not on instagram to discover hot new music that has to go into their playlists.
    But post a video of you actually MAKING music in real time is what gets people. Play a song on guitar, piano, improvise with your band, on the street, play your NI Machine, make a beat real time, play in that solo cello on your keyboard for your composition. PERFORM.
    I play various flutes and have a lot of interesting instruments and gear laying around. Making good looking pictures of those, (as if I’d want to sell them in a catalogue) works, but my best performing posts are me playing my flutes in video.
    7. Learn more about photography and image arrangement. The interesting thing in a photo should fill out 2/3 of the screen. That way it’s also recognizable from afar. Never make it so you have to bend down to recognize whats even in the photo.
    8. Tag relevant channels like @vocalsonly or @talentedmusicians. They want to get payed but sometimes if they like something enough they will post it.
    9. If you have the money to spare and your feed is looking nice and coherent, consider paying a channel to feature you. It can do a lot of good for your if you make sure that all the new people will have a great first impression of you and your instagram content.
    10. Having a consistent look by using the same filter every time can work, but is not essential. It’s much more important to pay attention to how your feed looks as a whole. If that one photo of the really cool church in somewhere ville sticks out from the rest of your photos, archive it. It’s for you, not for the people. Accept that a lot of people will ONLY be interested in your product & skills and don’t have any interest in what you do in your free time.

    Wow that turned out to become more than I thought. Hope that was helpful.

  • Linda Vee Sado

    haha I am like that for another reason. I hate just listening to podcasts. I beam out

  • kbreuner

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  • kbreuner

    I think you should give ours a try! Life changing for sure 😉

  • kbreuner

    I think you’ll find it worth every minute 😉