#217: DIY Musician Podcast Live! – Successful release strategies in a streaming world

Streaming has opened up new opportunities for artists to get creative with the way they release music. What strategies actually work? How can you ensure your album release has maximum impact? In this episode that was recorded live (partially) at the 2018 DIY Musician Conference, Kevin and Chris will discuss the release mindset and strategies needed to harness the power of the streaming platforms to their fullest potential. Plus, get our take on the the latest Spotify news!
  • As you guys pointed out, Spotify is still testing the waters with direct upload, but I do believe that it may open a very interesting precedent. And it may be particularly dangerous for digital distributions companies that don’t do much more than distribute songs (which is clearly not the case with CD Baby).

    As for what was said about setting a deadline for a release, I happen to agree with the viewpoint (I think this was said by Brian Eno) that many records suffer precisely because of an abundance of money and time for production.

    Just look at how Leonard Cohen – a notorious perfectionist – became a much more prolific songwriter in his later years. Precisely because he had lost most of his retirement funds and he knew he didn’t have much time left on this planet.

    And, most important of all, the quality of his work was as consistent as ever (which is no small feat). Taking this into account, creating artificial constraints doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me (much better than waiting to be old and broke).