#220: The right way to do cover songs

Do “real” artists do cover songs? What kind of songs should you cover? And what are the different uses of a great cover version? In this episode, Kevin and Chris talk about the controversy and opportunities of recording or performing another songwriter’s material. Plus some great listener emails!


  • Linden Tree

    Again!! This time, skip the first 10 minutes to get to “The Right Way to Do Cover Songs”!!

  • SexForUs

    12 minutes.

  • Roger Silverberg

    When I do play a cover at a live “originals” gig, and I don’t do them routinely, they tend to be songs that have fallen a bit under the radar. But they were all charting records, often in the Top 20 but not the #1s. Brings a note of recognition. And we try to make them our own.

    I play solo oldies shows at the “captive” venues: hospitals, rehabs, nursing homes, senior centers. So, I get my ya ya’s out doing covers there.

  • Flood – Trevor Kenward

    Do you need the artists permission to do a cover version of their song and upload to YouTube and release as part of your album?