#007 : Jonathan Coulton – Turning 1 song a week into 1,000’s of new fans!

CD Baby artist Jonathan Coultan, a self proclaimed “codemonkey,” blogger, and musician, hit upon a simple idea that would gain him international attention. In 2005 he began what he aptly named, “Thing a Week” an exhausting songwriting feat which involved, writing, recording, and publishing a new song every week for a year. During this endeavor, Jonathan found widespread interest in his ambitious project. Jonathan’s dedicated personal interactions with his audience, won him an adoring (if not bordering on obsessive) fan base. Listen, as Jonathan tells us of how a struggling CD BABY musician and computer programer found himself in the pages of The New York Times.

Music for this episode was by Jonathan Coulton

NY TIMES Article and video interview HERE

Jonathan wrote an article about how to sell downloads on your own music website
(Just for Us! Thanks JC!) HERE

Robert’s hair-raising blog tutorial in-progress for the blogging-impaired HERE

  • Tim

    Don’t knock on Hanson till you check out their vidcast. I checked it out on a lark and watched for almost 2 hours straight. And I bought their new album because of it. Although when I bought it I said several times… “I can’t believe I just bought a Hanson album.” But really, their vidcast is one of my favorites and also very applicable to indie musicians as it journals their problems with a label (can you say mmmbop?) and their decision to go independent. Wow. I’m like a Hanson fanboy or something now. Still kinda weird… 🙂

  • —————————————————————————

    Alright Tim, you got us there. 🙂

    Now we DO have to check it out. Do you have a URL for that vidcast? We’ll probably be Hanson’s biggest fans come next episode.


  • Tim

    I don’t actually know the website, but this will take you to them in itunes.
    Its basically 2 different documentaries broken up into shorter pieces. Hope you enjoy it! I would appreciate any affirmation that I am in fact, not crazy. 🙂