#012 : I AM JEN – The World Wide Web As Your Stage

It’s easy to promote in the real world right? All you need is a killer demo, a staple gun and a winning personality. But what if you’re not the outspoken type? What if you’re more the seclusive mad-scientist sort who spends long nights tweeking soundloops or rerecording that xylophone melody 100 times without a thought to whether it could be performed live. Playing live and touring is still the best way to make yourself known, but more and more artists are making their careers online. With billions of music fans scouring the net everyday for new and exciting music, how come you’re not selling millions of albums–if not millions, why not thousands? You’ve got your own website. You’re on CD Baby, MySpace, iTUNES, Napster, Facebook, Friendster and more. So what’s the secret? Maybe it’s time to think outside of the box. Maybe you’re just one good idea away from selling thousands of CDs without ever leaving your bedroom. As we continue with the topic of using video to promote your music, we’ll be talking to Jen Scaturro (aka I AM JEN). Her project, The Broken EP, had been available online for almost two years, but it wasn’t until she released a homemade music video that her sales really gained online momentum.

Watch Jen’s Videos “Blowing My Mind” and The making of the “The Broken EPHERE

  • Hey I just discovered this podcast, and really like this idea and this particular one.

  • Very late to the party but just wanted to say that I’ve been catching up on these podcasts and they are really excellent. This one is especially interesting and relevant to me so thanks to all concerned, especially Jen.

  • i would like to promote my cd baby page…but i do not how
    stella milano


  • Len

    Kevin, I found your podcast because I was looking for Portland-based podcasters, since I live in Beaverton. I’ll get to the newer episodes, but I wanted to hear Jen first.:-)
    I heard of Jen a couple years ago, and bought some of her songs. But I didn’t know she did an interview with you until today.

  • Love hearing artists share ideas! I love the topic of video use to spread new artist music and open doors. I really love this girl! She is the real deal – looking at music – art – business – and SENDING THE EMAILS – taking a chance that is no big deal but stepping out to do – when I might tend to have 10 reasons why this or that wont work.
    More please! More discussion on tools and applications!
    I am SAXBOY online and have 790,000 views on 46 clips over 2 years on youtube – trying to figure it out too… 🙂 We all are….

  • muito bom