#017 : Roundtable – The Artist and the Indie Label

Songwriting, record labels and music seminars, oh boy! Robert fearlessly signs up to write and record an album in one month (gulp), Kevin visits Seattle Music Tech 2007 (and shares his experience) and the Podcasters all discuss the ever changing relationship between artists, record labels and that green stuff called MONEY. Tune your click-wheels to the DIY Musician Podcast and listen to the best (and silliest) music business show on the planet!

Here is a link to the NATIONAL SOLO ALBUM MONTH website

Here is a link to the MUSIC TECH 2007 website (while it lasts)

Our closing song is by CD Baby Artist LIQUID ECLIPSE

  • Very entertaining and informative show! Hope it’s not too late to enter the “Solo Album In A Month” thing. Under extreme circumstance I just released one. As to touring? It’s a tear-yourself-to-and-fro for me but I always reflect on Nillson, who I always read, in various articles, could have made much more money if he toured more. I, like Nilsson, am a pretty reclusive personality BUT maybe… if “they” came and excorted me to the limo, drove me to the venue, led me into the backstage room, I would be great! ~chuckle~~
    PS: You DID go (sic) “OOH…that sounds very reasonable” re: the 50/50 label deal. 😎

  • Making an album in a month. What a challenge. I’d love to try but I know there’s no way I could do it. It would be a great learning experience though I’m sure. Since I live in Japan, I think it would be a great idea for me to go to some music conference here and if lucky, mingle with some of the big wigs. I never thought of that before. Since I speak Japanese fluently I have a foot in the door with sharing closer connections with them (from a foreigners stand point). Thanks for giving me a new idea to help try and step up my game. As always, funny, entertaining, and full of information. Cheers guys.

  • J

    Excellent and informative show as usual, and nice touch adding music from Liquid Eclipse a band that is not well known on the West Coast!!!

  • Wang

    I never thought too much of the Solo Album in a month because, well, that seems to be relatively easy to do. The Crap Art Project Album in a Day or FAWM (February Album Writing Month) where you have to write 14 songs, which is every other day, seems to me to be much more interesting and challenging.

  • Well, you know what they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”

    An album a month easy? I suppose it depends on your standards and work/family obligations. An album in a day, is probably not something I will be trying anytime soon. I’m still recovering from November. I’ll post some of what I did on our next roundtable. Thanks for your comments!


  • Hey Robert,

    I know I mentioned this before, but it’d be awesome to have a list of music played for each podcast. I noticed you provided some info for this episode (17), but what about 16? That’s the one I was really interested in. I know the songs are all from Badman, but I want to know which bands. Thanks.