#059: Nancy Baym – Online Fandom

Artists and musicians spend a lot of time communicating with their fan community, whether it be social networks, email, or just the music itself. With so much thought and energy going into fan communication, it funny how little time is actually spend considering the fan’s perspective. In this episodes, we hear from Nancy Baym, an Associate Professor in Communication Studies at the University of Kansas. She is an award-winning teacher on topics including the use of new communication technologies in creating identities, relationships and communities, interpersonal communication, and qualitative research methods. She has spent years studying online fandom to understand what communities like music fans a re really looking for. It might not be exactly what you think!

You can find more of Nancy Baym’s writing’s on here blog http://www.onlinefandom.com

  • Nancy Baym is absolutely fantastic – no pun intended! ;o)
    All DIY Musicians should be reading Nancy’s blog…

    Thanks Nancy… and thanks Kevin

    Kindest regards,

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  • I was really excited about this podcast! The talk gave me a real boost of confidence. I provide a service to indie musicians that uses social networking, blogging, internet radio interviews, newsletters etc that give musicians a great way to stay connected to their fans virtually 24/7. I have a knack for social networking by keyword searches and my service starts at $5/mo. I have also started a fan forum. I don’t have enough members yet to be big, but the ideas that Nancy laid out were exactly what I want to do – connect fans to musicians without needing to dive for oysters because of the huge amount of music available. Great topic!!