#120: Roundtable – Are You Ready To Go Viral?

Are you ready to go viral?Rumors of the DIY Podcast’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Mark Twain, on the other hand, is quite dead. In this episode of the DIY Musician Podcast, Chris, Kevin, and the Bolt investigate what a musician needs to be prepared for if he or she becomes suddenly successful online. Some artists seem to be ready and take full advantage of a viral event, while others are little-prepared and thus fall into a drug-infused tailspin that leads them to a life of debauchery and petty crime. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared? Find out what the podcasters have to say on the subject of viral preparedness.

Tuck, duck, and Rock n’ Roll my friends, the DIY Musician Podcast is back!

  • http://twitter.com/Ronnie Ronnie

    Welcome back boys!
    Great ideas thank you.

  • kbreuner

    Thanks Ronnie! It’s good to be back.

  • https://twitter.com/RealMattBlick Matt Blick

    Excellent! Can’t wait to listen…

  • http://www.sarahdonner.com/ Sarah Donner


  • Robert Lee King

    Derek would be ashamed to admit any relation to cdbaby now. You guys are nothing but shills now. stop selling to artists, sell the freakin’ music.

  • Robert Lee King

    Who the hell is Rebecca Black? Never heard of her. I don’t do Youtube for music and neither do most normal people

  • Robert Lee King

    Oh shit, Rebecca Black, Lady Gaga wanna be.. Come on cdbaby… Indie does not need to mean shit and she is shit.

  • Robert Lee King

    So sad, his music didn’t sell but his b.s. crap over united did… That IS NOT a career.

  • Robert Lee King

    This episode is proof that you at cdbaby have zero clue about what makes a band or artist. Sabbath went Platinum on “13” and it hasn’t even been released yet.

  • Robert Lee King

    It’s always fun to hear nobodies speaking about “have a great story” and “going viral” etc. People who speak about such things have zero clue how to do what they think will work. Otherwise, they’d be doing it, not talking about it.

  • http://members.cdbaby.com/ CD Baby

    Surprisingly, those who do go viral have little idea how to repeat the process either. There is no other method than trying to create good content that engages your fans.

  • Robert Lee King

    Good content that engages your fans… Hmm, wrong. Things go viral via word of mouth. Good or bad, the more people talk about anything, the more viral it becomes.