#129: Ariel Hyatt – Fans, Fears, and Funding

Ariel Hyatt PhotoKevin interviews Ariel Hyatt, digital strategist, international speaker, author, and owner of Cyber PR. Ariel shares social media tips, music career advice, and her experiences and insights with crowd funding.

Ariel stresses that artists need to move past vanity metrics (likes, shares, and followers) and work on making real connections with real people. “Share, don’t sell” she says, referring to how artists should interact with fans. She also stresses that it’s important to build an email list, so that artists can connect with their fans beyond the confines of social networks like Facebook.

Ariel also discusses her upcoming book on crowd funding, and insights from her own experience raising funds via crowd funding.

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  • anna laube

    Great interview as usual, Kevin! Looking forward to reading the new book.

  • Calx

    Awesome info! Thanks for sharing!

  • I had the drop in views on Facebook too and had no idea why that was happening. This podcast was very enlightening. I have one of Ariel’s books and I really have learned a lot from her and continue to learn a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  • Latte2Party

    Good info, Ariel. I’ve used a “media audit” or “media presence audit” that sounds similar to your “Foundation Document.” Such a good idea … it has to be a holistic approach to the world of the artist, not just the music. Music expresses our life in the world, so all the facets need to be reflected back to existing and potential fans. And big thanks for the current state of FB. As Cliff of The Cliffnotes sez, “More fun later!”

  • A.E. Dynamo

    Yeah, I think that successful artists have a combination of artistic skills and business skills or else they have a great manager.

  • Chance-Erica Williams

    I’ve been binge watching podcasts so sorry if this isn’t the correct one. But if I remember she advises to find a curator right? How do I do that? Who are the available and credible curators and how do we get our music to those individuals? Thanks!