#130: Benji Rogers – Fan Participation and Pledge Music


Benji Rogers founded Pledge Music to help musicians and fans share in the experience of creating albums. 6 years ago when Benji started Pledge Music, there were fan-funding platforms popping up left and right, but nothing that really focused on fan participation.

Benji explains that fans are given “thousands ways to buy music,” but what they are not getting is really compelling reasons to participate in an artists life.”

Benji believes that traditional crowd funding focuses too much on the amount of money being raised and not enough on the creative process and the artist-fan relationship. Pledge Music is designed to bridge that gap.

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  • Hey Kevin,

    My names Jefrey, we’d written in the past when I was living down in Sydney, Australia, just moved to NYC. You guys were very helpful if I every had questions and I don’t think I’ve missed one of you guys podcast, thanks for the many hours you put into it, you effort is appreciated.

    I liked your Pledge podcast and had a coupla questions. I understand that the mailing list that you provide Pledge get’s an email every time you release a video, which they encourage you to do at least once a week. My concern would be that 2 month’s of getting that many emails might irritate subscribers (who might unsubscribe) and because of the glut the open rate would probably sink as well. In an ideal world (like Mike King mentioned) sharing helps the click rates go up but what are your thoughts?

    Also I understand they take 15% of the final amount as opposed to 7-8% of most crowdfunding camps. What are the main things that they provide that are different? I don’t mean this as negative, just curious…

    All the Best,


  • kbreuner

    J – If you have folks on your mailing list who actually subscribed because they want to hear from you, I don’t think getting a project update once a week is too much. Remember, the more engaging the content, the better. It should bring them along in the process of the creation of your project. If all you do is tell them to support you, that would get old.

    As for the difference between Pledge and crowd funding sites, I think Benji covered that in detail in the podcast. I know that PledgeMusic campaigns are more about supporting a specific project as it’s happening. They are more fluid. You can add new items on the fly, and aren’t locked into some hierarchy of “rewards.” To me that’s much more user friendly from an artist perspective.