#154: Simon Tam – A band name trademark story

theslants_pressshot3Should you trademark your artist/band name? Should an artist even care about a trademark? These questions – and many more – will be answered as we follow the band The Slants on a trademark journey that’s taking them all the way to Federal Court and could potentially change the United States Constitution.

The Slants website is HERE.

The band agreement mentioned in the podcast is HERE.

  • Pravda23

    The most ridiculous example of band names clashing is lounge electronic band Manitoba being forced to rename themselves after some guy called Richard Manitoba sued them and won. In the words of band leader Dan Snaith, “It was like John Smith suing The Smiths or something…”

  • A UK band that has been around for maybe 7 years called Baby Godzilla was just forced to change it’s name by the film company. They’re now called Heck.