#158: Top 5 album release mistakes

DIYMusician_Con_PodcastPutting out a new album is a rare opportunity to rally fans, the press, and other segments of the industry around your music and your story. It took a lot of work to get your album ready for release, so don’t squander a chance for promotion and sales that only comes around once in a while. In this special episode of the DIY Musician Podcast, Kevin and Chris — in front of a live audience — discuss some of the most common mistakes musicians make when releasing new music (and what you SHOULD be doing instead).

  • Jim Wilbourne

    In case you have more prizes for biggest mistake (and I’ve made all of these mistakes)
    Mine is building an entire platform on MySpace.com and then failing to move that audience in a timely way because my computer died and I couldn’t afford to buy a new one.

    So lame.

    Some people followed through, but I lost a lot. Some of it was dead weight, but a lot of it were leads I could have converted to long-term fans.

  • Pravda23

    Really valuable reply to the lady who asked about production library music. Perhaps more ppl like me could benefit from advice on the practicalities of adapting your band work to library! Tx always, and refreshing show format