#161: How to double your merch sales overnight!

Double your band merch salesWant to move twice as many CDs at your next show? Hear all about the merch-table makeover that happened for Chris Robley during his seven-night residency last month, and how switching a few simple things around made a huge difference. In this episode, Kevin and Chris talk merch tips, pet peeves, and more — plus big news about Spotify, the RIAA, SoundExchange, and a crazy good deal on CD Baby distribution.

Get in on the $29 for 29 days deal. Check out the video HERE.

  • Adam_B_Harris

    Another great point for stressing the honour system for selling merch at gigs is that there are people who for whatever reason, do not want to talk to the artist and do a meet and greet. They just want to get their thing and go,

  • Another great podcast! After listening to this episode I pimped my merchandise for this weeks shows and as suggested, I centered my latest album to be the focal point of the display. I found that less people asked me which album they should buy and simply picked the new album that I had focussed on. Great Stuff!

  • kbreuner


  • Looks great!

  • I finally caught up after binge listening to the entire series! This may have been my favorite episode. I had a gig last night…wish I had listened to this yesterday haha

    I’ll try out the improved merch table this weekend and let you guys know how it goes!