#175: The Authentic Artist Branding Bootcamp (DIY Musician Podcast Live!)

Stereo RV with the DIY Musician Podcast crew.Most musicians are terrible at telling their story and describing their sound. Why? We’re inside the music AND the mind that made it, so it’s easy to lose perspective. But a band that has a solid grasp on their branding has a huge advantage over acts that don’t. In this episode, taped live at the 2016 DIY Musician Conference, Chris and Kevin lead you through a handful of exercises that will help you identify what makes you unique, and how to communicate it clearly to the world.

  • Ben Meredith

    Love this ! Thanks Guys

  • Very nice! Thanks, Kevin! This is very inspiring. What do you think about the use of a person’s name for branding vs. a band name? It seems to me like there are more artists known by personal name than there are bands known by band name. A personal name has the advantage that it’s permanent (brand follows you forever), and it’s also more personal, easier to relate to than a generic name.

  • kbreuner

    If you’re a solo artist (whether you have a band or not), I think going by your name is probably best. That being said, if it’s your name on the marque, expect to have a revolving door of musician in your band unless you pay really well. If it is a collaborative musical project with your band, it’s probably best to go by a band name so it feel more like a joint project.

  • Gotcha, thanks! This makes perfect sense.

  • David Burnage

    Great podcast, i have a question similar to the last. I am the songwriter and front man of my band “Mountfield”, but I occasionally perform solo. I usually say I am David Burnage of Mountfield so the crowd knows i am in this band and they can check me out through the band name. Is there a better alternative then this? Cheers