#178: Your questions and our answers

FeedbackWe love getting listener feedback, whether it comes in on our listener line, by email, or in comments and tweets. As 2016 nears its close, Kevin and Chris use this final episode of the year to answer listener questions, recap some big music streaming news, and more. Happy holidays!

  • de lune deluge

    Hey gang, Collin from De Lune Deluge here, just wanted to say thanks again to you both for answering my questions. Quick update, I have since successfully navigated the proper forms on the U.S. copyright offices website and was able to file the copyrights to all of our music for the single fee of $55! Not a bad deal. It was much easier than I thought it would be and since there are only three of us in the band and we split everything equally it made it all so easy. As I work my way through the podcast archives I’m knocking out all of these things that we should take care of, I also got everything setup for us on SoundExchange. I’m also realizing some mistakes we made when releasing our first album, but hey its all a learning experience and this podcast is arming us all with some great tools to not repeat our errors in the future. Thanks again for everything guys and keep it up!

  • kbreuner

    You’re welcome! Glad we could answer your question on the podcast. Also, thanks for the update. Glad the copyright was easy to secure.

  • as always, gems of useful info but can you perhaps cut down on the general conversation and get to the point of the episode quicker? find myself skipping ahead 20mins before the first question is answered, which is dangerous in traffic 🙂 thanks!