#196: How to prepare your music for a successful release

There’s a big difference between making your music available and making your music connect. Thousands of new albums and singles are being “released” every day. But how do you make sure YOUR NEXT RELEASE will make an impact? In this discussion, you’ll hear from CD Baby’s Patrick Griffin, Anna Held, Ben Hubbird, and Chris Robley about what they see working (and failing) with the hundreds of new releases they help distribute every day. You’ll walk away knowing how to best prepare your music for a successful launch, and where to avoid catastrophic mistakes. 

  • Cashmere Williams

    Great advice, I think as Artists we get so excited we forget there’s a process by which needs to take place to have a successful release. Great info…

  • kbreuner


    Yes, it’s true. We’re so excited for our finished product that it really is a challenge to wait to go through the release process properly.

  • Thanks for this really informative podcast. I got a lot out of it for planning my newest release 🙂

    On that, could you provide the “CD Baby pitching” bit.ly link that you spoke of in the podcast for us? – I’ve tried the two versions you mentioned, but neither work. Thanks a bunch!