#197: Rick Barker – Earning $74,000 using Facebook Live

The tools are there for you to monetize with Live Streaming! See what Dawn Beyer did to make over $74,000 in one year using FB Live and how you can too. Walk away with a clear understanding of how to use the tools to better engage and monetize your audience. You will also learn how to use Instagram Live and Periscope to broaden your reach. This session will be broadcast live on Facebook and you will see the response in real time.

  • JimLesses

    Very interesting — until the audio cut out at the 26:11 minute mark!

  • PaulAJackson

    This is invaluable and is one of the best talks I’ve heard. A proper wake up call. While the title of the talk and podcast might be good at grabbing your attention but it does so much more than talk about Facebook Live. It includes a great summary of how the music industry has changed and you’ll be a changed person an hour later from playing this.
    Follow this up with the Q&A videos he has on his Facebook page plus other interviews on other podcasts from the last couple of years. Thanks CD Baby for inviting Rick on this one and for sharing it out to the world.

  • Jim Sloan

    This is probably the best 65 minutes I’ve invested in my career. I’ve been following up with Rick’s videos and it just keeps getting better.
    I am a new (but aged) artist and the CD Baby DYI Podcast has become the main source of my music business education! I found you guys this summer and haven’t stopped listening. I’ve also catching up on past episodes, up to #50. This podcast is definitely the biggest factor in me choosing CD Baby for distribution once I start publishing.
    Thanks again for all you guys do!
    “Hippy” Jim Sloan