#198: 3 Things that will hurt your music on Spotify

Streaming success often involves bucking conventional music industry wisdom. Are bad habits holding you back on Spotify? In this episode, Chris and Kevin talk about common areas where artists are either missing opportunities or shooting themselves in the foot. Plus, they answer lots of listener calls.

The Spotify article mentioned in the news section can be found HERE.

  • Charles Alexander

    Love this episode, Kevin and Chris.
    Thank you for the shout out. Trying to cheat/game streams on Spotify, specifically, is just gonna set you up for a world of hurt. Besides the fact that it is against their Terms of Service, it does absolutely nothing for growing your audience or building your career. Authenticity is still the most valuable currency any artist can have. It’s a longer and more difficult road. But one totally worth taking. As always, I am completely in awe of your commitment to empower our DIY community.
    Warm regards,

  • Thanks for this one, Kevin and Chris! I’ve been getting emails from someone offering to up my SoundCloud numbers for a small fee, and I considered it, but also questioned the value of doing so, and this podcast clarified things quite well in that regard. Thanks again.

  • kbreuner

    Glad we could help!