#204: Better music marketing with Show.co

Better Music Marketing with Show.coShow.co’s music marketing tools make it easy for you to create online campaigns that will get your fans to take specific actions. But the effectiveness of these tools is directly related to the thought and creativity you put into your campaigns. In this episode, Kevin and Chris tell you how to get the most out of your online music marketing efforts. Plus, HUGE (but reassuring) news about Facebook and YouTube monetization.

  • Radmila Neal

    https://show.co/Ivoohrz…..ok I am trying it now…thank-you for all the information!

  • Hi, I played bass on a full soundtrack album featuring a well known Australian singer in 2001. Now that I have my own music a solo artist on Spotify, is there any way I can get an “also appears on” listing for doing that, or would I have to be credited as a co-writer on the other artist’s work?

  • Max Gunhamn

    Hey Kevin and Chris! So nice of you taking the time to answer my question thoroughly, thank you for that.
    Last week I bought my ticket for the conference in Valencia, so I’m looking forward to seeing you guys and everybody else there!
    I’m currently living in the Faroe Islands (country belonging to the kingdom of Denmark) so it will definitely be more sunny in Valencia.
    All the best!

  • kbreuner

    Andy – As of right now, you would have to be listed as a featured performer or a compound artist. The streaming services don’t have the list of musicians who played on the record. I’m sure in the future they will, but as of right now they don’t. That just means they don’t have the data to make the cross reference like you suggest.

  • kbreuner

    Excellent! We look forward to meeting you there.

  • Thanks, that’s what I thought, but it was worth a try 🙂