#206: Suzanne Paulinski – Time management for musicians

Independent musicians today have LESS time and MORE responsibilities. Plus, we can waste a lot of hours just daydreaming. How do you juggle all the DIY tasks without dropping the ball or wandering off track? In this episode Kevin talks with Suzanne of Rockstar Advocate about time-management strategies, finding a place of efficiency that balances creativity and business concerns, and more.

  • Great episode and great tips. Thanks!

  • kbreuner


  • Daniel Lyons

    Hey guys! I love your show! Keep up the good work.

    Two questions for the next podcast episode:
    1) If we post the same song twice to a streaming platform like Spotify (for example as a single, and in an album) will the play counts be divided between the two? If so, is there away to avoid dividing the play count? If we use the same ISRC code could it save us from dividing our play count?
    2) What is the licensing process for streams of cover songs? I know that if I sell a cover song as a download or CD I must buy a mechanical license from someone like the Harry Fox Agency. But what about streams?

    God bless you guys! You are so invaluable to our band and business! Have a kickbutt day!
    -Daniel Lyons
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